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    • £40/h
    • 18 yrs
    • Technical writing
    • Article Writing
    • Blog Writing
    • £50/h
    • 10 yrs
    • £20/h
    • 1 yrs
    • .NET Compact Framework
    • .NET Framework
    • .NET Remoting
    • £50/h
    • 20 yrs
    • £13/h
    • 15 yrs
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Photo Retouching
    • Video production
    • £60/h
    • 25 yrs
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SQL
    • Linux System Administration
    • £60 /h
    • 35 yrs
    • Linux System Administration
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • £50 /h
    • 30 yrs
    • Analytics
    • Network Engineering
    • Network Monitoring
    • £10 /h
    • 2 yrs
    • Accounts Payable Management
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Auditing
    • £25 /h
    • 25 yrs
    • ASP.NET
    • C++
    • JavaScript

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Do you find it hard to find freelance work and get paid? Unlike other platforms, Network Freelance does NOT allow bidding. We don't hold on to your money, unlike some other freelance platforms. We're pro freelance, and we believe that you deserve what you earn. We know that bidding against other freelancers means that you have to lower your hourly or daily fee, and to us, that's wrong. When you need to find freelance work, our projects are all logged with a set project price by the client, so you can decide from the get-go if you want to apply for the project.

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What does this mean for businesses?

You'll be able to be in direct contact with some of the best freelancers and not have to pay to log your projects. Hire a freelancer whether you're looking for a longer-term contractor or a flexible working freelancer, we can advertise your vacancy and put you in touch with the right people. There's no need to pay extortionate fees and guess what? You don't pay the freelancer until the work has been completed to agreed satisfaction. We use Transpact as our ESCROW platform to keep your money safe, but also to ensure the freelancer that they'll be paid. It's a win, win!

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As a freelancer, all you have to do is sign up and away you go. You'll be sent projects and contract work that directly matches your skills so that you can apply and get started working with clients as soon as they post their live vacancies.