How does it all work?

This is a freelance community. We are not just a platform to find projects and contracts. Our forum is there for freelancers to interact, communicate and discuss all things freelance. Our participation in the #FeeNotFree campaign shows our dedication to the struggles that freelancers face and we commit to helping freelancer of all skills, abilities and length of service.

We have also given our members a whole heap of benefits to make parting with your subscription pennies that little bit easier. From a Taste Card to gadget insurance, discounted Printed products to Credit checks on clients, we have added value to our packages to make every day life for our flexible workers.




  • Choose which membership plan you want. (Note yearly payment option offer the most value)
  • Create your profile (Remember this is your shop window... make yourself stand out)
  • Visit the Forum and say hi
  • Start applying on projects! It really is that simple.


Freelancer Do's & Dont's



  • Send and email to asking us to log your project
  • We will set you up on the free plan and log your project, to get you started.
  • If you and the freelancer decide to use the platform to progress payments then complete the project by following the links on the platform. If you wish to come away from the platform then you and the freelancer must agree this.
  • Project is live, the Payment is in Escrow, all you need to do now is choose which freelancer you want to complete the project. (The beauty is that they come to you, if your project is in their scope of skills)


Clients Do's & Dont's


We actively encourage you to speak/comment/discuss/engage with each other. Network Freelance is a tool to put you together, to aid in the communication and to assist in the growth of both your businesses. Have a look at the forum to start with.


*ESCROW - we have teamed up with, an FCA Authorised payment handling company. They act as a middle man, holding onto the project funds until payment is ready to be sent to the Freelancer. This protects both parties. For a freelancer there is a guaranteed payment at the completion of the project (as long as you have completed as originally agreed). For the client, you don't pay the freelancer until you are 100% happy with their work.