Clients Do's & Don'ts

 First and foremost, to log a project on Network Freelance, you have to send and email to our project support team who will log, post and display your project for you.

Hiring a freelancer is a great way to fill that skill shortage you currently have. Or a great way of getting projects completed quickly by professionals, saving you time and usually money. However, because the freelance marketplaces across the globe are filled with freelance contractors all tendering for a limited amount of jobs, you might get flooded with a large number of proposals for the job. How do you choose the right freelancer for your project?




Check out the Freelancer’s portfolio

  • Before you pick any freelancer, take a look at their profile. Is it completed? Are there examples of their skills and abilities? Does it look like the freelancer has taken time and effort to sell his/her services via their profile? If a freelancer cannot be bothered to complete their profile, what are the chances they can be bothered to complete your project?

Ask for references

  • If the freelancer has provided some links to some online examples of their work, great. However, if you feel you need to see some more don’t hesitate to ask. If the freelancer is indeed keen on working for you, this should be no problem for them. They will always be happy to refer you to a previous client if required. (Professional freelancers will often have a link or referenced a previous client’s feedback within their profile)

Know the value of your project

  • Knowing how much your project is valued at is extremely important. Do a quick search and see how much people do your task for. If it’s a Website you need building – what is the average price for this. If it’s a logo design with unlimited revisions, check to see what design companies offer this service at. Having a sound idea of the value your project is worth gives you a better understanding when freelancers apply for your project. 

Don’t automatically pick the cheapest freelancer

  • This leads on from knowing your project value. It can be so tempting to pick the cheapest option when selecting a freelancer but this can more often than not lead to disaster. It’s not to say that each and every time picking the cheapest contractor won’t work out, but be careful when considering an entry-level price contractor.

It is important to remember that historically, freelance marketplaces usually push the price point down anyway, it’s a race to the bottom! Network freelance is actively trying to remove this mentality and will remove freelancer profiles that constantly ‘Underbid’ and flaunt the fairness we are trying to instill. 

You will get good value for money regardless of who you hire. Just remember you are far better off to choose a freelancer based on expertise and experience than price, because generally you will be doing well financially regardless of your choice. This is cheaper than going down the agency route!

Has your project been completed before?

  • If you can find a freelancer who’s worked in your industry, or has done a comparable job for another client, this can go a long way to ensuring that your job will be completed to a high standard. This is because the freelancer has already completed a job of similar nature, they will most likely be able to produce your work in a speedy and more developed state based on having already completed a “trial run”. This can really help to narrow your search for a truly suitable freelancer particularly if they can show an example of the work.

Payment Terms Must Be Reasonable

  • Freelancers that ask for large amounts of upfront payment prior to starting a job are to be avoided. allows for project milestones if required. Any good freelancer will start a project on the understanding that they will get paid. You and the freelancer can choose to use the ESCROW system provided or trade away from the platform. This agreements must be made prior to you hiring the freelancer. 


Do Not:

(Failure to follow these rules can result in your profile being deleted)


  • Ask a freelancer to work for free or for ‘Experience’ - If you do, you could be reported and banned.
  • Use the platform to sell goods or services – Clients can only hire services of freelancers.
  • Spam the platform –Spam of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • Link drops – Do not drop links into applications or comments.
  • Put personal contact details on your profile - All communications should be completed through the platform.
  • Breach any of the Terms and Conditions set out in the Policies and Procedures.