Freelancer Do's & Don'ts


Seasoned freelancers will know that occasionally things don't always go according to plan, from clients not paying to being unable to complete a project on time. There are times when being a freelancer sucks.

Below are a few rules we suggest you follow to help prevent those and similar issues.




Make sure you fully understand the clients requirements prior to applying.

  • When applying for a project you have the ability to ask the client questions in the comments section. Ensure that you know exactly what is required before applying.

Decide a cost that you are willing to do the project for and stick to it.

  • If you like the look of a project apply for it. Clients often have an idea of what they want to pay, but do not know what it takes to have this delivered. When applying, tell the client why they should hire you to do the work. Tell them what they get when they hire you. Let the client know that what they are buying isn’t just a person to do a task, they are hiring the experience, skills, and knowledge that you have. Explain why you cost what you do.

Never ask for referrals

  • Sound a little counterproductive however, if they say you have done a good job for them, they will refer you to their friends, and most likely come back again. Asking for referrals can make you sound desperate for work.

Be Honest

  • If you cannot complete a project in the time frame required, tell them. If you think you have made a mistake in your quote, tell them. We are trying to create a community on Network Freelance that is trustworthy and honest. If you expect your client to be honest with you, then do the same.
  • Acts of dishonesty could result in your account being deleted.

Keep your clients notified

  • Keep you clients updated with progress. Notify your clients every time you reach a checkpoint, it keeps the client informed on how fast you’re working and generally what’s going on at your end. 

Learn how to say no

  • It may get to a point where a client is asking for extras. “While you’re doing that, can you just…” If you have agreed a set price for a project then that it what you deliver. It is unfair for clients to ask for freebies or extras and in the clients rules page this is addressed.


Do Not:

(Failure to follow these rules can result in your profile being deleted)


  • Offer to work for free - If you are asked, report them!
  • Under bid just to win the work – Do not sell yourself short just to win a project.
  • Ask clients to communicate away from the platform – We have a comments field on all projects, a Forum and work space once a project is live.
  • Use the platform to sell goods or services other than that of you or your team – Only provide services you or your team can provide.
  • Spam the platform –Spam of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • Link drops – Do not drop links into applications or comments.
  • Put personal contact details on your profile - All communications should be completed through the platform.
  • Breach any of the Terms and Conditions set out in the Policies and Procedures.


Example of a Good Profile